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My Work Featured in Two Collections

Luvncrafts included my red lily of the valley bracelet in her “Red and White” Collection.

Who is Luvncrafts? Here’s a little info from her “about me” section in her Artfire Studio:

“I am a stay at home Mom to 6. I love to do crafts! My favorites are crochet, and making greeting cards. I like to try various crafts. My children enjoy crafting as well. I have taught my daughters to crochet, and you will see items from them in my shop. My oldest daughter also makes lovely beaded jewelry. We live on a mini farm with chickens and goats, and we enjoy gardening. My life is busy. Crafting is my way to relax. I hope you enjoy the creations of my hands that I come up with as I sit with a crochet hook and yarn, or paper and stickers. I surely enjoy making them! Most importantly, I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I hope all I create and all I say and do,brings Him honor! Have a great day!”

Here’s her shop address:

Also, my blue twig and leaf bracelet was featured in a collection by “SWEETTOWELS” called “Tomorrow”.

Who is SWEETTOWLS? I’ll off to find out since she doesn’t have very much in her “about me” section on Artfire. I’ll let you all know as soon as I “meet her”. 🙂 Here’s her shop address for now:



Featured Artist: Samantha from SJApaperbeads (Mallabula, NSW – Australia)

From her bio:

Hi My name is Samantha, I live in a small tourist town in Australia where the koalas live right across the road in the bush right next to the beach where the native birds fly over and squawk all day and the air is fresh and clean

I love bush walking,photography,blogging reading and most of all i love to create one of a kind paper beads and paper bead jewellery.

Making paper beads is a long process but well worth the effort .

I start with a piece of paper, my favorite papers to use are scrap booking paper and card in pretty patterns so i can get lots of detail and texture on my beads. I occasionally use recycled papers such as newspapers,magazines and Christmas cards.I have also started painting my papers so i can have a one of a kind design. Each piece of paper goes through a long process of measuring and cutting each strip of paper.I than roll each bead and coat every bead in thick coats of a non toxic sealer and non toxic varnish. This makes them water resistant and very durable. The end result of my paper beads often amaze me and keep me thinking of new designs and techniques to try so i will always have a supply of a variety of different colours shapes sizes and styles in my studio.

I also enjoy trying new crafts, at the moment i am experimenting with bead weaving , i am trying to make many different styles of bead woven bracelets to suit all occasions.

SJApaperbeads are beautiful! Here are some examples of the beauty to be found in her Artfire shop:


What are you waiting for? Go check out her shop! 🙂




Today’s featured artist is Linda from Gallery316 (Jonesboro, Arkansas).

From her Artfire bio:

Photography started out as a hobby and/or habit, lol. I love to take photos of just about everything! Over the years of just taking them, I have grown artistically. After becoming laid off from my job of just over 10 years. I am now a stay at home mom, and have the opportunity to fine tune my work, and sell it. I’m taking my opportunity, and I’m runnin’ with it:) And with God willing… I will have sucess!

Artfire studio:

Facebook page:

Linda’s work is spectacular! Go to her artfire studio to check it out! Mention this blog article and get free shipping on prints today!! 🙂

Here are some examples: