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I recently discovered swagbucks. This site works like a search engine and you earn points (aka “swagbucks”) randomly for searches. Also, you can earn points when you shop at certain stores and for completing surveys. I just received a $5 amazon gift card from them (I did a little one first to make sure it was legit) and I’m working on gaining enough swagbucks to get a larger gift card now. They have lots of items you can get with you swagbucks! Click below to check it out!


Amazon Book Buy Back Program

While doing my holiday shopping back in December, I accidently discovered that Amazon would buy my unwanted textbooks! So I scurried around the house gathering up books that had served their purpose and could now find a home with someone else. I found that I had over $250 just sitting on the bookshelf taking up much needed space in my study!  So, I’ve gathered them all up and will be sending them to Amazon shortly. I checked out a couple other book buy back programs and Amazon is willing to give me the most for my books! Hooray for de-cluttering, recycling, and making some cash while I’m at it!!

Follow this link to see if you can make some cash for your books too!