Lily of the Valley Bracelet Front Page Appearance

My lily of the valley bracelet just made an appearance on the front page of Artfire in Hendywood’s “I like it Brassy” collection!

Who is Hendywood? Here’s her bio:

I have had a shop on AF for over a year, but paid little to no attention to it. I decided to start becoming more active about a month ago. My main talent is woodworking, espcially turning wood on a lathe. However, I enjoy making jewelry from other materials as well. I really like brass and am trying to build up an inventory. The vintage items in my studio came from my husband’s grandmother. She had a really good eye and loved to collect.

I’m a 7th grade science teacher with three daughters, two grandkids and a dog.

The collection featured on the Front Page was only my second AF collection! I have shops on Etsy and have created many “treasuries” over there, but none have made the FP:)

Her items are beautiful! Here’s on of my favorites!

Check out her shop:

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