Artfire Front Page Collection – Citrus Splash

Just found my “Citrus Splash” collection hanging out on Artfire’s front page! hooray! Congrats to everyone in the collection for their front page superstar status!! 🙂

In case you missed it, I captured it labeled as the featured collection.  Comment below and tell me and the readers of my blog about your item. And feel free to leave your facebook link and a link to your shop. 🙂 Promote yourself!

12 responses to “Artfire Front Page Collection – Citrus Splash”

  1. quirkynberkeley says :

    Wow!!! I knew it was beautiful and am so excited for all of us that we made the front page! I love the colors you chose! Come visit my shop to see more cards and teeny tiny envelopes

    Thanks again for selecting my card for your beautiful collection!

  2. Michelle says :

    Woo Hoo,,,made it on the Front Page. Thnx so much for using my earrings. It is a delightful collection. Check out my Fan Page: Thnx Biddy!!

  3. Michelle says :

    Woo Hoo……made it on the Front Page. Thnx so much for using my earrings. It is a delightful collection. Check out my Fan Page: Thnx Biddy!!

  4. Chris Knight says :

    Wow, never been on the front page before. The silk fabric start out as white. I mix color fast dyes and then add them to the fabric in a random pattern. I then throw salt on the wet silk and the salt moves the colors around. I have no control over how it disperses the colors. And Walah, beautiful custom dyed fabric just waiting to become a special scarf, pillow or perhaps an ensemble for your doll.

  5. Chris Knight says :


    My Knightcloth FB link is:

    You can twitter me at: knightcloth

    and my daughter and my blog at:

  6. anitanirma- Comfy heaven Pillows says :

    this is lovely. I can’t believe my cushion cover made it to front page. thank you!

  7. Nicole says :

    Fantastic!! Such exciting news! I love making happy handbags with fun bright fabrics. This clutch has pleats allowing extra room for all your goodies. Thanks for including my Mafolie clutch in this great collection.

  8. Christie says :

    THANK YOU for including my crocheted dish cloths in your collection! YAY!! ON making the front page!
    The collection is beautiful! I am honored to be included among all these fine artists!

    My dish cloths are crocheted in the Peaches and Cream brand yarn in the color “Juanita Rose”. The color is a varigated orange, green, and yellow ombre. The yarn is 100% cotton.

    Keep the great collections coming!

  9. Jeannine says :

    Great Collection! Such happy colors. Thanks for including my necklace. This is a damaged vintage necklace that I’ve “upcycled” into a necklace and earrings set. I love rescuing vintage jewelry and making it wearable again.

  10. Liz says :

    Beautiful and fresh collection! Thank you for letting my yarn be part of it. Great Job!

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