December Spotlight Mint Green

For the entire month of December, mint green jewelry will be in the spotlight. I’ll be showing you a new mint green handmade jewelry item each day. 🙂 Here’s today’s new item, I haven’t listed this item on Etsy yet so just click on the photo to go to my facebook page where you can purchase this set:





Adopt a Dinosaur Day!

It’s adopt a dinosaur day! Ok, I made that up! But aren’t these guys adorable! You know you want one! Want a different color? I can do custom orders! 🙂

Tuesday Treasures: Burnt Orange and Gray




These lovely items were featured in the treasury I created over on Etsy today. (click here for the treasury)  All these items are handmade. 🙂 Aren’t they beautiful?!

Clicking the individual photos will take you to the shop where each item is listed. 16 different Etsy shops are represented here.







BNS Round 29 is open!

Click on the image to go to Round 29 of my BNS. Nice coupons posted in the comments! Etsy sellers, buy from any featured seller and the post the transaction in the comments and you’re featured next round! 🙂


Round 29 has moved! We’re now here:


Biddys BNS Round 28 Moved

I’ve created a 2nd treasury for BNS Round 28 to bring in some more traffic for the round. Come by and check it out. click here

If you purchase from any of the featured sellers, your Etsy shop is featured in the next round. If you purchase ANY ITEM (not just the featured item!) from a featured seller, be sure to post in the treasury comments to let us know so you can be added to the next round. Just post “Purchased from <shope name> and the link to the item you bought (which will now be a transaction link instead of a listing link).

Don’t have an etsy shop? You can still come shop and use the coupons! There’s some great coupons listed in the treasury comments!

Here are the shops featured this round:

ChapletsNSuch –

curiouscarrie –

windinhishare –

CreationsbyJanetUSA –

kayniskreations –

Putkela –

baronwolf –

PaperFinchDesign –

harmony5 –

incrEDIBLEtoppers –

TheBlueEyedBeader –

TwoTeacupsAndaMudPie –

TheWildRose –

Papyrusaurus -

scrappyrat –

biddysbeads –

Handmade Autumn Beauty Across the USA

After my morning workout and shower, I had a terrible time actually making it across campus to work today. It was such a beautiful morning! The skies were blue and the wind was gently blowing and the morning just had that perfect chilly fall feeling to it. I half expected to look across campus and see a pumpkin field pop up out of know where. So in honor of the beautiful autumn day we have here in Kentucky, I’m sharing some pretty fall handmade items from across the country that I’ve found on Etsy. Just click on the image to go to the shops for each of these items.

From Jamie Sierra Knits in Buffalo, MN

From The Charming Frog in Colorado Springs, CO

From Susiquilts in Menifee, CA

From Biddy’s Beads in Lexington, KY

From persnickitude in Goodyear, Arizona

From ForeverAndrea in Farr West, UT

There you have it…autumn across the USA! 🙂

Biddy’s BNS Round 28

Round 28 has started! click the photo to go to round 28!

Purchase from any of the featured sellers and you’re featured next round!
Great coupons!!

For more about BNS treasuries, click here: